Selamat hari raya Idul Adha sekian Hijriyah. I didn’t sleep well tonight, yeah it ain’t like I was unable to sleep, but I was overjoyed by the tv program, yeah Water World

Then, I have to go bed instead of seeing that goat and cow slaughtering haha I won’t see any animal slittered right on their neck -____-, besides I hate those cows and goats meat, they’re ain’t cool, they contain many good proteins I should say, but if we look to another side.. They’re full of Trigliceride or we may say FAT like HELL I would eat those nasty things! NO! Or even those opor ayam same case. They contain coconut cream, and you know what LDL and HDL my sworn enemies! I won’t eat any of you! Never!

Fyi, I’m using white-gamist. It’s some short of arabic-clothes we often looks on someone entitled kiyai or da’i yeah, I hate white but it must the same color as my father wears. Dang I’m writing this blog while I got dog-damn flue -_____-

Then, I shud wake up, yeah maybe on.. When when? I have to do my practical short range running and maybe practical medium range running (it depends on my self and Dion). If I slept, then what? It’s persistenly right that I would wake up at, maybe right on the noon, it’s so damn hot while running using Trainingsanzug mit sauna effekt #meeh but it’s okay. I wouldn’t mind the price’s quite reasoning for the goal up ahead

On the afternoon, there would be chest, arm, shoulder training, yeah I invented 1 most cool new kind of training. It’s handstand, how to make our hand, grip, shoulder look biger, I should say, it’s rather to make my Triceps getting bigger than biceps, yeah it was quite tasty

Enough for this morning-scheduling. Let’s see if I can go through all of these, amin.

Go on, Cadet, life’s hard and go spread your wings.

– Jalasveva Jayamahe –

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