For today, I had ran alone, without having dion on my side, it’s quite sudden, without any plan for running, I thought this thursday, I’d go to jakarta, meeting my uncle. But, I think it’s cancelled. Either mu dad forgot or my uncle get busy

I’ve ran for 20 minutes, start from my home (warming up) then had a little walk to the front gate of my village. Then I started running, had the finish line, the traffic light, near district-governing. Then, I turn 180 degrees back, pay a visit to buy some brush size 1″. After that, I ran along the way then stopped right in front of fruit-stall. Ah, I’ve invented new techniques, I learnt from Ardion. When running, don’t gulp our saliva, just let it flow, the fluid just throw em out. It really works! I had no asthma, I had no stomach-ache. It’s really great. But, I rather run on usual track, than this one. Beside it’s right beside way of vehicles, the emition’s very dangerous to my lung, but it’s okay, cz my mom brought the bike -_-

Enough for today, yesterday I ate a 700 calories double cheese burger, and other dangerous food. I have to reach the goal, ideal weight, losing my cheek, and reducing my hip size.

Jalasveva Jayamahe

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