First, I thought I was going with my father. Accompanying him running at SUGBK, then swam at Century Hotel. But things changed, the schedule change gradually. Then I was just stay at home.

At this term, I swam with my mate Ardion at Puri Nirwana Estate. We had some little-enjoyment there. okay, I’ve arranged the shifts on my swimming method, it is about 25 meters length. On the first shift, I used gaya katak (well I don’t know what’s in english :p) is about 5 times. Then some intermezzo, using gaya kupu² (damn it’s quite exhausting) but, just like what I had read, we need ti concentrate our body (which means muscles) with our mind, like concentrating in one position (in this case, I concentrate my muscular contraction on Chest, shoulder, upper abs, triceps and deltoids) I felt it was contracting, while I took every moves slowly. Then, I used gaya bebas whoa, this one too. Exhausting. I repeated all the moves, in 4 shifts (which means, I got 20 times). Then we end our training. We went to Junkfood had some ketoprak and es degan then, directly went to Ardion’s cribs.

after friday service, we had some pull-ups. (I guess I was doing 30 times, it’s not 1 times, but gradually :p). I wasn’t using my supporter, and yeah, it’s quite creepy and scared me 😦

This afternoon, I’m going to have another mid-range running with him. Ofcourse, at the usual track, with my running gear. Wish me luck dude, I was unable to sleep well last night -__-, because the TV program Masih Dunia Lain :p

okay dude, after running, I’ll keep my blog updated 🙂 mind your body,dude!

Aduh sial, ane makan lagi gam! (-̩̩̩-̩̩̩_-̩̩̩-̩̩̩) ah emang dah yaaa .. Ane makan nasi (setengah centong) + mie rebus disulap jd mie goreng (asli ini enak abis #kampung) yaa, ane sadari deh, ane suka tiba² ngidam yg manis², yg asin² (nah ini ane ngidam yg asin²) tadi liat mie ayam, ane labil (ya Tuhan, makan engga ya?) Ane simpen dalam² keinginan ane 😦
Inget kata Indah “diet tuh kaya nikah! Butuh komitmen, sekali bisa jalanin ya jalanin, kalo ga ya gagal” *jleb* aetdaaah, yodah gpp 😦
Jadiii, begini. Yg mau gue fokusin, naikin dada, sama ngecilin pinggang (ya sama kaya pas kelas 1 akhir, pas masih seksi²nya gue) yodah lah, doakan saja, ini mau lari dulu *melambai* *dilempar buku*

Oke mantap, akhirnya sukses larinya, gue sempet kecengklak nah, pas lari tadi lumayan dapet 1,75 putaran wkwk, masing² kali aja 1,3 km B-) sempet stop gara² sakitnya nongol pas di tanjakkan, tapi aman lah. Selesai lari, gue ga mengalami bengek :p, dan langsung pull up deh tadi 15x, besok gue mau marathon. Doain yaaa semoga berhasil 😉