Today’s great day. Really really great day. I started today at 06.00 long-range running, which in another words we can say Marathon yeah, I woke up at 5 AM, then I went to Ardion’s (with no carbos I consumed) only drank 2 pills of fat burners. I went there only with black tanktop, short tights and my usual running-shoes. Warming up, then we walked to the big road front ahead. Till the traffic lights, we ran and over at Cikaret’s Traffie ( it measured for about 5-6 kilos) we passed that with pure running. Then for the rest 6 kilos, we walked. That’s so damn exhausting. I think, that’s enough for today, over-trained my self hard. And at home, I slept so damn great 🙂 I was happy :p but I had pretty bad dream. I dreamed brothie came, and stay for a while. My father won’t give a damn about him. But, I just feel not right, then she called me, then.. She was crying.. Which made me thought, maybe I should pay a visit to her place.. Yeah, just dream.. If that was really, some short of.. Telephatic-connection. I need the second signal.

Dan buat hari ini, 1 yg penting
Tetaplah bermimpi akan sesuatu yg sangat kita inginkan, pikirkan selagi kita susah tidur, pikirkan selagi kita ingin tidur, karena segala sesuatu berawal dr mimpi. Dan sekalipun kita gagal dalam mencapai impian kita, setelah susah² dan semaksimal mungkin usaha kita untuk mengejar impian tersebut.. Setidaknya, kita pernah bermimpi kita menjadi seperti itu

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