I’ve just enlisted my name and my friends on Cassa Grande Club House, we’ve been made a member. It’s Me, Aka, Esa, Arief and Chacha. We’ve planned to join Thai Bo (aka & me) for god sake it’s completely cool (y). That time, I tended to Take a fitness-ground, then the Instructor said, the rule’s when we’re up to fitness, we should wear shoes (me & aka only wore sandals) and it’s prohibited to use jeans (it was esa) okay, we’re so damn busted haha. Finally, esa managed to return to his cribs, then joined the next lecture. While me and aka, we were swimming for abou 2 hours. But, it was only swim, and speak haha, we’ve talked about girl for so long 🙂 ah, I’ve mastered one new technique, it’s Gaya Kupu² modified hehe

That’s all for today (senin) 🙂