Today, I had my Training without running. It’s only came to The Cassa Grande Clubhouse. Why I didn’t took any running exercise? Okay, I had simple statements we could telling :
1. Aka’s condition wasn’t in a great condition. He’s still suffering flue. Even I heard that he went to Sardjito cz his flue getting worst. He’s the one who can lead me reach 7. Without him, my training would be boring.
2. Without Aka, I couldn’t reach BSR myself. I need transport and that would be his responsibility :p

That’s all I think.
So, at the gym 1st thing I did was, looking all over around. I felt like so damn newbie (though I took fitness regularly by myself at Cibinong) cz I saw a man which has really big muscles. Damn, that was really a giant. I took every kind of the facilities, I focused the training for my biceps, triceps, deltoids, chest, and shoulder. By doing it repeated, and top weight I used was 30 kilograms. And the lowest weight I used was 5 kilos. That was barble. I had 90 minutes training, and it quite made my muscle like it’s going to blown up! Henceforth, my supporter was being washed in laundry, I didn’t used one 😦

Ah, I measured the weight and I’m in 68kilos now. My diet was success, it’s 3 kilos to go, and finally.. PINGGANG GUE RAMPING LAGI CUY!! I was really happy! and my biceps and triceps grow bigger (as Bhimsa said to me this morning) that was great 🙂 I’m really happy today, honestly 🙂