Today, I had 90 minutes training. This time, I ain’t accompanied by Aka. He’s sick. Still got flue. So I had Adjie, my classmate on Industrial Engineering to join me ran on BSR. I used my sauna suit while running. Though at the first we caught by the rain, finally the rain vanished. It was quite dissapointing this time, why? Because I got only 6,5 laps for 12 minutes. Yesterday, I got 7 laps in 12 minutes. I was so happy, but not today 😦
I forgot, I ran when the class (I had lecture today, 3 subjects) was on delay waiting for the last class. I had gado-gado as my lunch and for dinner, I had err.. Pempek, Bundar, Siomay so happy. They didn’t had any fat cz they aren’t greasy foods 🙂

That’s all, after this blog I’m going to tell you something

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