I’m sorry. It’s not enough, even if I said that in differents million ways, repeated billion times, and shout zillion days.. The past relationship we had before, I realize, it was my fault. I’m sorry. I just read the messages you’ve sent me, it was only my sellfishness within this wicked soul.. I’m sorry.. Now, I won’t blame you for the past ‘nightmare’ you would said.. Yeah, I’m sorry for loathe you. We both were wrong, but sometimes like this is better. I hope you wouldn’t forget what I’ve told you before, what I thaught you before.. It’s just for your sake, I wanted you to be a different girl, to be better. I knew my way of telling you was totally wrong. It’s not like that if we want to change you,girl.. My brother often tells me how to take care of girl(s). And I’m sorry.. For being temperamental, for being insensitive.. I’m totally sorry. I knew that I’m the one in you, and those ‘things’ you’ve done was just your way to attract my attention, for I was only conjuring the heart-breaking spell. But it’s okay. I don’t feelin hurt anymore. And I couldn’t say those “sorry” word to you. I’ve already said my self-promising statement. I won’t speak to you anymore.. But yeah, still it’s my fault. Everything you’ve thaught in me, I still remember that. This is life, and this is love. But sorry, I still got this traumatic effect of this “love” things. All I do for love is, only for playing. Love is a game. That’s what in my mind.. It just better if I play with my Laptop, spending time with my dudes, physical exercise alone or groupie.. I won’t “play” with the girls anymore. They’re created to be protected. This is my bad, I just can’t forget all the good times in the past. Now I’m deep to close to someone. Not only one, but many.. And I just want to be their elder brother. Yeah, it’s better. No one hurts.. But if you really don’t want to do further communication with me, it’s okay. I can forget you either
Sorry galau akibat kaki rusak -_-

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