Yeah, after all this time finally I dig it. I like her. Truly, maybe I should treat her well next time. Would she ever forget the things I’ve done back then? The word, the typo that could tear her apart? And.. Considered of her friend which texted me “now you choose, took it or leave it”. I should have said took it, instead of said “we’re just a friend, why would you ever thinking too far?”. I miss the time when she heard all of my stories, all of the legends I told her.. And all of mind-crossing opinion we had.. Well, first time I saw her, I know she possess some kind of aura the other girl couldn’t possibly possess. Yeah, I don’t know where exactly is she.. Maybe she’s up to something, and I hope one day, she would texted me about something she didn’t understand, and I would returned to her as a call.

Like, probably become Love. Love, probably become one. And when it reaches one, no one could ever make it two. Everything starts from “like” and then, decide what’s next. Would it be Love? Or just a mere “like” or even vanished?

posted with full-consciousness