Well, my big bro’s gonna face up his birthday at 10th February. And I got problem here, big one. I’m thinking about giving him birthday present. But yeah, I couldn’t get any inspiration now, what might it be? For a boy? He’s not an ordinary man, he’s not a man that someone could ever read his way of thinking, his taste of style, yeah. My brother is a rare one, since he’s an introvert person, he only shares his problems to me somehow. Shoes? Beh, I don’t know his size. Maybe, it’s 44 eh? Or 45? What if Jeans? Hrrr.. I’m thinking of some stuff that he could use while on formal meeting since he’s a businessman, but he’s totally flexible, he doesn’t like something that could make him looks like those parliament member. Well then, what the fuck do I must give him?! Tomorrow I’m going to think about it again. Now, I must resume my tasks he gave

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