Yeah, true probably I miss her. Now I knew why she hardly appears on that social networking. Yeah, it’s service issues for its provider. I was just re-read our chat on this Blackberry, while I chatted her, I didn’t feel any rigid feeling or uneasy which made me felt so gloomy. It’s sad, that day I was hoping too much from another girl, and yet I found the result was zero. Like the old days, when I just pranked her, she was just responded every mock I threw up her. That day, I was looking forward about taking her to Dufan, I remembered that I would took her at 16th (what month I forgot) but she said on Thursday (it’s 18th) well, I had to go back to Jogja that day. Despite her gloomy act, her geek appearance, and her mind-freakness. Somehow, she’s a girl with full of hopes on her future, and the one who could turned out her fate that fortune-teller told her, adept at english and.. Self-organized. That time I made her cry. Yeah, that was totally my shit head’s fault. Later, when I reached my goal.. I want to take her to Gumati, I want to be the first guy who would she remembered when she ate lobsters, I want to treat her for some movie marathons, and I want to take her to Dufan. I just feel so guilty, how pathetic I was! Why would I thinking about her? Well, I’ve had a dream. And she was there, looked at me with full of those generous looks of her. And, psycological fact was, when you dream about someone, the someone on your dream misses you. Do I? Despite my childish act? despite my tactless words? I’m sorry..

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