Ya, now I knew what kind of problems I had inside my self.

1. I’m quite an initiative person, I have that kinds of potential. It showed while I lead 22 people below my command. When I was on TN as Group Leader. Since I move out from there, on my passing out process, I had some kind of “Murdering Character” that’s a very nasty crime I’ve ever felt which bring traumatic effects on my psychology..

2. I was a free-man, but since I grew older, it was fading.. Now when I decide to become that type again, my father tied me.. And yeah, I gotta break his chains on me.

3. I’m such an infantile person.. Yeah, cz I had a crisis on money, without money my mobilizes stopped. Now I have my own saving, then no one could stop me.

4. I’m starting to defeat my own lust, yeah I over E. Intelligent over Emotion.

5. I must walk on my own, I must stick on my plans. Those people who said that I don’t have any plans, I really gonna say SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH, MIND YOUR OWN PROBLEMS SHITHEAD!! Now I really don’t care with statements “you can’t do whatever as you like“. Now I really gonna say, fuck off you muthafucka.

Yeah that’s all now I know what I have to do. At 07.00 pm dad won’t call his ticketing courir, imma call by phone and imma pay my tickets by my own saving. Tomorrow at 2, I HAVE to be at Surabaya, go to Sidoarjo, asked for signature, stay there ( well I don’t have such a money to stay at hotel, imma stay a night at Grand Mosque there ). Go to “catatan Sipil”, go to “Kepala Desa” finish.. (Estimated finished at 19) then go with my auntie to check out where the administrative selection will be held. At the old Command Center of INA Air Force, at 07.00 a.m. Beside RM Pringgodani. Imma move by my own wings dad! If you only gonna slow me down..