I’d like to present, some good quotes I’ve just received from my Uncle. I write this post, during the night, I couldn’t sleep over with. I’m totally overwhelmed by this “Ultra-sneeze”, I know it’s disgusting, WELL IT IS! I write this by hearing Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles”. I’ve been searching for the song’s title, but hardly found it. And voila I’ve found it and downloaded it from dilandau.com. Since the beemp3 had no authority for a free sharing anymore.

Son, life is simple. When you already choose for something, whatever happened don’t be regretful. .

Yeah, based on my stories. I’ve been chosing 2 different paths, and all I got was only failure. Somehow, I regret just for a little bit. But I learnt a lot, things change when you think over yourself, some sort of self-introspecting moment. That moment, either you got enlightment, or maybe the worst, oblivion. I’ve learned a lot since every single failure I’ve made. That doesn’t make me ashamed. I will just do the same as I always do. Somehow, when you fail on something, you’ll get desperated. Worrying about what and how people may think about you. Hey, life’s a mistery dude! I saw one of my senior colleagues status on facebook. He quoted abraham lincoln’s.

when you try, it may not always a succesful result. But when you decided not to try, the fail is upon you

So, just try try and try what you believe. Nobody blames you for your trial. It’s not about the goal you’re looking, it’s the process. And yeah, don’t me Macchiavelis. Just be yourself! Sometimes process is better than the result 🙂 fight for what you believe. Not His believes, nor her believes.