I’m in the mood to post another thread. So, maybe there’s lot of people want to know, why I never messed up with cigarettes? Why I hate booze? I got only simple reasons, some conditions I’ve made to line up my rule of life (not rule of laws okay? I don’t wanna messed up with the Anglican) its because, they’re just not good. Not a good deeds!. Actually, it’s not the first matter in fact, hahaha. Like my big brother said, they are “Devil’s Circle” which is getting drunk, drug abuse, women. Based on his perspectives, when you get drunk, you’ll get nowhere but drug abusing, therefore women. Once you get there, there’s no way you could escape. That’s why it’s named “Devil’s Circle”. LOL

Nah, the prime reason itself, is my own self. You guys think, I’m extremely seems healthy. But, it is only seems cz, I’m one of a thousand of unlucky guys that is not blessed like you all on health issues. I’ve got several health issues, from relieve to severe. Start, when I was in shortie like elementary school, I always skipped some class seasons for a long time only to took my med treatment. That’s why, health is always being my first concern upon all. Now that I’m still alive, is always be my great blessing from God.

Now I tell you, during my tests (which p*lice ac*demy or IDAFA Indonesian A*rforce Acade*y) the only thing that became the great obstacle was always HEALTH ISSUES. When I ate too much eggs, greasy foods. My blood’s structure became worst. Such as high cholesterol. Or if I was on diet, my hemoglobin decreased significanly. Even worst, my blood tension turned out to 140/80. That’s why I have health issues.

Psychologically, I’m a kind of freaks. Or people may say maniacs. When I started to study, I forgot to eat, I forgot to rest. But when I stopped , there’s no way I could touch any books in front of me. I’m passion of gaming. I like play online games, fps is always be my first choice. Later, MMORPG. When I go online, me gone wild. In FPS game, I got name. And famous too, I’m the best sniper ever. I like sniping, long range… Silent… Deadly! Hahaha. But when it came to MMORPG, I like the one that has defense extremely strong! Higher Hit Points but lower attack points. It’s simply myself. That’s just for game. Sometimes I spent 20 hours a day only for playing games. So, imagine if the games above replaced by cigarettes, booze, or women. HOW I EXACTLY GONNA TAKE CONTROL OVER THEM? IMPOSSIBLE INDEED. That’s why. It’s better not to try than try, then addicted to it.

When I was a shortie, I like english so damn much. But I just can’t understand how to use it. I tried to open my english dictionary when I play my game console. I like play RPG game, which has dialog on it, so to know where the game went, I opened my dictionary to find it’s meaning. And voila, I got the answer, know the structural english grammar from proper, to profane! LOL

Those who play the online games (fps) in my opinion, it stimulates your brain. So you might never get caught of alzheimer. You gotta think fast! So that your brain will not stop working. When you play MMORPG, you learn strategy of selling items, spend money, or how to manage your time so the game would run effectively.

So that’s why, I’m quite an excel students among my classmates. I didn’t spend much of my times reading books. I enjoy my life as how I like it. I take things easy.
But, when you spent too much of your time only for playing games, you’ll be those who lack of initiative, social problems, and possibly‚Ķ apatist. The impact would be found if you pick up some psychotest. You will know the impacts straight from the experts.

Kinda tired of writing this thread, I guess I’ll end it here hehe.

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