As your educational level increases, there’s lot of things such as superstitions that we believed, starting to fade away. We (in this case, me). Tend to take things, judge things based on knowledge, somewhat scientific measures. That’s not how this world works well, it’s only in my opinion after all.
Like deaths. I, myself sometimes think do when people die, they go to another side of this world? Or this “next world” like Holy Koran mentions? And what if, “the next life” never existed? It’s just that another superstitions? Would you ever believe in God?

Literally, we human commonly used scientific understanding through every complicated-material in this world called earth. Like trolls you know trolls? Its existence in this world, somehow only stands as a myth. Nordic mythology. The trolls, people tend to believe, they only stand in the same line as sasquatch, bigfoot, yeti another well-known mythological creatures.

Until I read, some majestic book. On its cover, written “THE NATIONAL BESTSELLER”. The book titled We Don’t Die. I don’t know if this book were fiction or based on true story. At least, this book convinced us, that THERE IS another life. Right after our mission in this very world end, we go to another side of the world as I mentioned on the first paragraph.

It said, that word “DIE” never existed. Well, just don’t say “die” when we “passed on” to another world, it’s sure probably we could make a contact, if we attuned to their frequency, such as radio frequency. But only the gifted can tuned to their frequency. That’s what I read. But, there’s lot of pages I need to read about. So I think, it’d be better if I end my post right away.

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