it’s been awhile since i posted my last thread titled “WE DONT DIE”. and then my brother passed away on the following day. i my self convinced, it’s not just a coincidence. this is one of the mistery of life. good bye my beloved brother. all i know about you that you were the one who loved and protected his family more than himself, the one who loved his little brother too much. the one who never give up on trying, on finding his true purpose living in this world. the one who always find good friend everywhere, the one who i admire. So long brother, may the God be with you there. i will take care Radja, Dais, Mom and Dad. and your spirit, stay with me :).

radja here asked me “when did I see papa again, mama?”. quite sad i thought. his mom (literally my sister in law) calmy replied, “if you stay on the line and have a good grade in your class”. there i met people from my past. people whom i almost forgot, but the memories of my chidhood still remain a little. so that i could hardly recognized them. Teh Mira i used to slept with her when i was shortie, Bang Ipang all i still remember about him was, he was the funniest man i ever knew that time. bang Harris long time ago, he was thin but not nowadays. he’s BIG! the thing I remember most frommy brother, he said once ” I proud of my little brother, the one who never gives up!” right when i failed my p*lice acade*y test last june. and when i was on my birthday, he said this

B (brata) R (Ridwan)

Detik, menit, jam, hari,bulan & tahun akan selalu berganti dan berjalan letih.. begitupun seorang Muhammad Ridwansyah yang diterjang oleh sang got Waktu mengharuskannya dihampiri oleh bertambahnya usia. one thing i have to tell you  “Tidak ada yang abadi selain perubahan itu sendiri” a simple words for you wish you all the best thinking. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR YOU MY BROTHA”

and yet i still cant believe, that would be the last words i got from my brother for my birthday…

the thing that make me sad, or even cry.. is.. he fills his blackberry Internet Service for one day only and .. only for saying Happy Birthday for me.. because on teh following day i messaged him, but didnt reach him..

i love you my brother Brata Rachmansyah! the first soul of Sutan Nurdin Generation that finish his mission in this world.