Now I here. Standing before myself and doing something that I meant to be. What is it, they ask? Simple. I live my life my way. My rules. It’s not like I’ve been held by certain rules, certain normatives it’s likely I’m happy being myself.

College, they said. I’m happy to let myself stay here. Being a college student, majoring in industrial engineering. First, I think it would be hard but days by days had passed, I found myself this is exactly what I need.

I maybe not belong to popular university, or state university but I know, just like what Mr. Jalal said “what’s the point you get into state university while being mediocre? If here you can be the lion?” That’s true.

Later that day, I asked my dad whether he agree or disagree if I want myself being transferred to UPN and majoring petroleum. But dad gave me solution that beyond my expectation which was “why don’t you take double degrees? It saves you a lot of time than you have to start all over again”. Remember, you have age and you’re not forever young that’s the point”. That time I couldn’t answer my dad with such a rational answers. Because, I was just thinking majoring two engineering major study? Well, I’d like a stupid mule and I’m going to caught epilepsy for certain.

I posted this thread while I’m on Banjarmasin. It’s first time I came here. You know, I got no relatives here only friends, not a close one also. So, I’m not going to throw this blissful moment by sitting on a lazy couch inside my uncle’s. I rather be lost out there and find myself haha. You know what? Many people get really amazed and boastful because they can go abroad like to paris, brazil, germany and so on but they never get to Indonesian thousand’s island right? Well, seems like I gotta go. I’m going to watch conjuring here bye !