Saturday in the morning. Nature itself presents good vibes. Beautiful day to start my activities, to make done what you’ve start and to replenish your spirit in order to face next week events. I know next week will be hard, and though indeed. For I’m facing LKTI. Lomba Keilmuan Teknik Industri teaming up wit 3 others superiors students. I don’t know why, but yeah I was just thinking and also affraid that I would be the burden of the team. The other 3, seemingly faithful and restless, prepared to face the case study that will be given on 23rd December. Me? Well, you know lah~

Yeah, here I’m laying down on my bed write down this blog put myself to rest. I’m facing some short of training this noon, ERP Game simulation. I’m joining the event held by faculty of economy together with my beloved one. Beloved one I mentioned, was already mentioned on my previous thread. Finally, I decide to end my loneliness and give away my all to someone that I considered as “worthy”. The one who will stand by my side through troubles, against all odds. I choose my chosen one carefully. Not for joy, but for future. I’m not a child anymore, I need to go one step further to gain something. Experiences are worth a pile of diamonds, they said. And I chose her not only for mere trial and errors. It’s because I want to stand by her side too. Giving her my best, and my everything. With her, I believe we shall prevail.