“Tua itu pasti, tapi dewasa itu pilihan” this very quote wake me up from my dream. Today, just when the rain is falling hard outside my bedroom. I have nothing to do, still I waste my time alone inside my bedroom. Without doing anything productives at all. Well, you know you can’t underestimate me of my capability for doing completely nothing in a day B-)

I have a month of free day, not certainly free day, but literally free days. So, I might use the rest of my day to play with my mind. Why would I took that name for my post’s title today? The answer is simple, a glance of light came into my mind, and yeah I would like to share my opinion about grow ups.

First, you gotta realize this. You had that actual idealism that you built yourself, based on other’s advices or simply from yourself when you were contemplating, taking your time alone, thinking about what kind of life you want to live, thinking what would you gonna be, for 10 or maybe 20 years later from today. I, myself realized, that I had many dreams long time ago, and I embraced my own principes. But, as time goes on you will find a lot of differences, a lot of whole new world you never gonna be sure about, something new, something that could really turn your mind around, and to think certainly different way. When there were informations served upon you, it’s all by yourself to judge and perceive them you may change your idealism toward yourself, your life or anything. This phase of thinking is what I call growing ups. Yah, tumbuh dewasa. We may be young, wild and stupid. Nah, on that very age we’re given time to develop ourselves, to sharpen our mind. It’s okay to change your idealism after all, “idealisme itu boleh, tapi harus disesuaikan dengan realita yang ada” itu juga merupakan nasihat yang pernah didenger dari abang kelas gue dulu waktu SMA.

I don’t know what kind of words I should write anymore, at the end of this writings I would like to give some advices for you :
1. Never regrets, never worries
2. Nothing in this world is certain. The only certainty is uncertainty.
3. Growing up means there should paradigm shifts from one to another
4. You define your own self
5. Always do whatever your heart tells you, sometimes mind do haywired, but heart doesn’t. It only breaks 🙂
6. Arivederci 😀